Working together with our clients,
we solve issues related to their properties and assets,
one by one.

We, Aoyama Zaisan Networks Company, offer two types of consulting services based on our expertise in various fields, including real estate, banking, and finance, in order to meet diverse needs from property owners, including company owners. One of our services, “Consulting Service for Property Owners,” supports property owners in asset maintenance and profitability increase from various aspects. The other service, “Consulting Service for Company Owners,” provides security for individuals’ properties while supporting their efforts to maintain and improve the value of their respective companies.

(consulting services for individual property owners and company owners)

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We offer our clients comprehensive support for their issues related to inheritance before and after the event. We help our clients from inheritance planning to its execution to ensure smooth progress of their inheritance.

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Our business succession consulting services
Business succession (Consulting Service for Company Owners)

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We solve any kind of issues related to business succession from the standpoint of company owners.

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Real-estate solution

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We take approaches for selling and buying of real estate and land utilization, which are completely different from the approaches of real-estate companies.

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Overseas solutions

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If you own real estate as an individual, it is possible to offset profit and loss between the real-estate depreciation and your individual income; therefore, you can expect a significant tax saving effect.