We are confident that our clients will be satisfied with our services! We deliver true consulting.

We take approaches for selling and buying of real estate and land utilization, which are completely different from the approaches of real-estate companies. Try our services, and you will see the difference between a real estate company and a consulting company in selling and buying of real estate and land utilization.

Consultation for buying real estate

Consultation for buying real estate  Image
  • Is it really okay to buy that commercial property?
  • Do you have a business balance plan for after buying a property?
  • Have you considered everything including the tax aspect?

It is not simple and straightforward buying commercial properties.
Therefore, you will need to know how to select a property from a professional’s perspective and create a business balance plan after buying the property.

Although buying of commercial properties is a big project involving a millions-of-dollars investment, people often consult about the issue with real-estate companies (real estate brokers) who don’t offer post-purchase care. For not only selecting a commercial property but also buying of real-estate for business as a way to reduce inheritance tax, you will need someone who offers consulting services to approach the issue by looking at your whole assets.

Real estate sale consulting

Real estate sale consulting Image
  • Is the price really the highest value?
  • Should you really sell the land?
  • Is it really the best way to sell it?

For selling your real estate, you need consulting as well.

We offer real estate sale (brokerage) services which do NOT focus only on “intermediary services.” We consider our consulting and brokerage services as a tool to achieve our clients’ specific goals, in order to support our clients in selling their real estate and finding the maximum overall value for them.

Real restate recombination consulting

Real restate recombination consulting Image
  • Have you analyzed profitability, future property value, and liquidity?
  • Do you correctly understand “Special provisions for taxation on capital gains income in case of replacement by purchase of specified business assets”?
  • Haven’t you just ended up selling and buying real estate?

Our real estate recombination consulting service enables the optimal real estate portfolio by replacing any limited proprietary right of land and/or old apartments with low profitability with more highly profitable assets.

As the basic process for reducing inheritance tax, we conduct inventory count of assets and properties, preliminary calculation of inheritance tax, and detailed analysis of the structure of the whole assets and properties. When you look at your entire properties, you will surely notice unique features of respective properties. For example, it may be difficult for you to look at only profitability of land which is important to you because it has been handed down to you from your ancestors.

Real-estate effective utilization consulting

Real-estate effective utilization consulting Image
  • Is it okay to build an apartment on the land?
  • Is it really the best choice of land utilization?
  • Does the one who proposes the land utilization plan take your perspective?

There are some proposals which can only be offered by a professional consultant company capable of investigating from all sides.

We often receive inquiries from our clients who have read a book called “Stop your ‘effective utilization of land’!” published by Aoyama Zaisan Networks or who have participated in our seminar under the same title, about what they should do when they receive a proposal of effective utilization from residential home builders. As a result of our analysis and thorough business balance forecast, about 80% of such cases ended up with such results as “it should be stopped if it is not modified” or “a significant revision of the business plan is required.”

Consultation for solving issues related to limited proprietary right of land

Consultation for solving issues related to limited proprietary right of land Image
  • Aren’t you dissatisfied with the low profitability?
  • Don’t you feel the inheritance tax is too much of a burden?
  • Are you in trouble about inheritance of limited proprietary right of land?

Our consultants offer proposals only they can offer because they know all about landlords’ troubles.

We have been long working on solving problems related to limited proprietary rights of land as part of our various consulting services regarding landlords’ assets. Offering consulting services for limited proprietary rights of land requires an ability to make a decision based on accurate judgement of current trends, in addition to abundant experience and specialized knowledge.
Please look at our proposals, which only we, as a consulting company, can offer.

Advantage Club

Advantage Club Image
  • Do you have confidence that your property holdings are all right?
  • Would you like to add Advantage Club to your new portfolio?

In order to protect your properties and build assets, we propose real estate utilization ideas to you which are suitable to the new era.

As part of our asset consulting services, we develop and sell investment products related to real estate. Advantage Club, a real estate co-ownership system, is a subdivided real estate product based on the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures and a real estate rental system, in which you can earn revenue from the lease of properties.