We will remain your best partner over 100 years.

Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co., Ltd.
President Masazumi Hasumi


We provide “individual asset owners” and “corporate owners” with comprehensive asset management solutions.

As a comprehensive consulting company centering on “preservation of assets,” we, Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co., Ltd., have provided high-quality solutions as a leading company. Our standout features lie in the realization of a system allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions both to “individual asset owners,” most of who are land owners, and to “corporate owners,” who run a company at the same time as being its major shareholder.

Japan, which has suffered a prolonged economic downturn and natural disasters, is now entering a period where the future is not secured. We must consider protecting our health, family, work, property and colleagues ourselves. The preservation of assets is not a sufficient condition but an essential condition to live a happy life, we believe.

In addition to preserving their own assets, corporate owners aim to increase their corporate value and continue their business expansively through improvements in profitability, reinforcement of financial position, restructuring of the organization and human resource system and smooth business succession. Most corporate owners have guaranteed the liabilities of their companies while a large part of their portfolio is occupied by their company stocks. Thus, the increase of corporate value and preservation of individual assets are intricately related to each other. Fully understanding this relationship, we strive for solving the issues of increasing corporate value and preserving individual assets.

We, Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co., Ltd., are sure to provide customers with one-stop and best solutions based on the spirit of orchestration from the standpoints of the customer. We use the word “orchestration” to mean a status where each of us can pursue solo work, however, we, together, can give superb performance in harmonization by demonstrating our individual specific features under the direction of a conductor.

We will remain your best partner for next 100 years.

Based on this message, we aim at ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and a content society through preservation of assets. It is our hope to build a long and continuous relationship with our customers by always respecting the “basic sense of value” and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Management principles of
Aoyama Zaisan Networks Group

1.We seek to contribute to the happiness of our customers through the succession,operation and management of property.

2.We seek to ensure both the physical and mental wellbeing of the members whom we work with.