We support property owners from various aspects in securing their assets and enhancing their income.

Our consultation service for property owners helps them to solve a variety of issues, including those related to effective utilization and selling of their properties, buying of commercial properties, and inheritance, using solutions for real estate, which is the main property of property owners, as a core. We also propose more suitable plans for respective, particular issues of our clients, by forming a team of consultants and experts from appropriate fields.

Menu of Our Main Consulting Services

For example, we are ready to support you in such situations as shown below:

“I want to prepare for inheritance…”

Carefully considering not only mere “increasing revenues” but also “securing resources for tax payment” and “smooth inheritance proceeding,” which are called the “three pillars of inheritance tax planning,” we propose comprehensive plans to reduce inheritance tax.

“I want to start considering effective utilization of my land…”

With a low birthrate and aging population, it is a very difficult time to effectively utilize land. Based on accurate evaluation of land, we propose the best plan upon considering all the circumstances, such as tax-related information, inheritance tax planning, and changing market conditions.

“I want to consider recombination of my real estate…”

If you are thinking of recombination of your real estate, we can help you in examining/verifying of merits when you sell land which is hard to utilize effectively and real estate with low profitability and replace it with better real estate, as well as in execution of the recombination.