Your best partner for the next 100 years

Aoyama Zaisan Networks’ provides optimum solutions for the preservation and enhancement of individual assets and corporate value, delivering one-stop solutions to the many challenges facing asset owners and company directors. Through these activities we continue to pursue our mission of contributing to society, aiming to earn and retain our clients’ trust and confidence in line with our corporate motto ? “We will be your best partner for the next 100 years”.

Core values

  1. We put our customers’ happiness first.
  2. We approach our work with modesty, loyalty and good faith.
  3. We value consideration for others and a sentiment of appreciation and gratitude.

Management objectives

  1. We seek to contribute to society by delivering the best solutions and preserving and increasing individuals’ assets and corporate value.
  2. We seek to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of our co-workers.

Management principles

1. Taking professional pride and a professional attitude

In pursuing our goal of creating a social and economic environment in which our clients can enjoy peace of mind, we at Aoyama Zaisan Networks take professional pride in and maintain a professional attitude to our work at all times.
* A professional is someone who (i) has the ability to put themselves in the client’s place (ii) ensures they are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and expertise (iii) is always ready to take on new challenges (iv) does their utmost to find the optimum solution, and (v) is endowed with dynamism and ability, someone with whom clients are keen to maintain a long-term relationship.

2. Contributing to our clients’ prosperity and remaining aware of our own responsibility

We regard the targets and opportunities that our clients’ give us as signs of their trust and confidence, focusing on what we can contribute to our clients’ prosperity and taking responsibility for our actions and their results.

3. Building mutual understanding and orchestration

We strive for “orchestration”, seeking to build mutual understanding with all the people we work with, mutual respect of skills and values, and good communication.
* “Orchestration” means an approach where, rather than playing solo, one chooses to collaborate under the direction of a conductor, drawing out one another’s best features in order to achieve even greater strength.

4. Maintaining awareness of and ensuring compliance

Each and every member of Funai Zaisan Consultants adheres high moral and ethical standards at all times, and acts in accordance with a universal social awareness and respect for the law.

5. Pursuing the challenge of continuous improvement and innovation

In today’s rapidly changing social environment, amidst increased pressure to reform business plans, we are pursuing the challenge of continuous improvement and innovation in the services we offer to our clients.