Business Summary Comprehensive Asset Consulting for Asset Owners in Japan

Aoyama Zaisan Networks provide two types of consulting services utilizing its expertise in real estates and financial products and services to meet the various needs of individual and institutional asset owners mainly in Japan. Individual Asset Consulting service provides multi-faceted support to individual asset owners to preserve, and earn gains out of, their assets. Institutional Asset Consulting service supports maintenance of clients’ individual assets as well as their endeavors to maintain and increase the value of the businesses they operate.

Comprehesive property management consulting

Three Strengths of Aoyama Zaisan Networks

Comprehensive Real-estate and Financial Consulting

The main assets of many individual asset owners tend to be real estates, and it is crucial to have not only knowledgeable taxation experts but also real-estate business professionals to assist them. Aoyama Zaisan Networks have both real-estate and financial professionals in-house who conduct consulting service together, to demonstrate an extremely high level of problem-solving capability.

Accountability and Reliability of a Listed Company

The reliability of the consultants is one of the most important requirements of our clients who entrust the care of their assets to us. We are one of the few asset consulting firms that are listed in Japan, and have ensured our regulatory compliance and management transparency to gain the trust of our clients. Unlike a one-man-band consultancy which will end its life with the founder, we are an established organization that can provide business continuity to our clients.

Nationwide Partner Network

In order to support asset owners in Japan, we have partnerships with accounting and tax-accounting firms that have close ties with local businesses and residents. Our nationwide partner network built on our close coordination with our partners ensures that our clients receive the same high-quality service anywhere in Japan. We are also able to collect information on local real estate markets and use it in our proposals to our clients.